A major aim of the RSA is to raise awareness among the general public of the value of Reason and the benefits of a rationalist approach to life and living. Apart from our public meetings (see here) and occasional speaker tours, we publish a range of printed publications.

The Australian Rationalist

The Australian Rationalist is the RSA's flagship journal, printed almost continuously since 1923, interrupted only by war, financial hardship and internecine strife.  Its aim is to further the RSA's mission to inform, to educate and generally to promote thoughtful and dispassionate analysis of issues of public contention.

We publish regular articles on Philosophy, Ethics & Religion, Science & Technology, and Law & Politics.  We will also consider humour, poetry, short fiction and cartoons; excerpts from forthcoming or just released books; and previously published material if it has appeared recently in non-competing, low circulation periodicals.

In addition to being published in hard copy, the Australian Rationalist is published online.  Successful contributors are asked to agree to certain 'groundrules' which protect both parties regarding copyright. Suitable material may be submitted for review by the Editor by emailing a final draft in a recent version of Microsoft Word to:

The preferred length for feature articles is 1800 or 2700 words.  Shorter articles may be 900 words.  As we are responsible for the material published, we retain the right to edit or abridge submitted material prior to publication.

Past issues of the journal

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Daily bulletin

RSA Daily is a relatively new addition to our suite of publications. For the time poor, we take the effort out of scanning websites and reading newspapers to bring you a daily digest of articles from Australia and abroad covering secularism, non-theism, science and philosophy, all in one appealing package delivered to your inbox every weekday. Why not try it? Subscribe here.

Social media

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