Is religious freedom under threat?

Photo of Phillip Ruddock
Ruddock recommends a Religious Discrimination Act

In response to the passage of equal marriage legislation, the Ruddock Review concluded Australia needs a religious discrimination act. But does it? Three experts debate the issue on the ABC's God Forbid, including RSA Fellow Luke Beck.

  • Associate Professor Luke Beck is a Fellow of the Rationalist Society of Australia. A constitutional law scholar at Monash University, Luke's principal focus of research is on developing a more sophisticated understanding of section 116 of the Australian Constitution - the 'religion clause'.
  • Dr Renae Barker is a lecturer in the Law School and Honorary Research Fellow in the Centre for Muslim States and Societies at the University of Western Australia. She is a member of Bishop in Council and Trustee in the Anglican Diocese of Bunbury and a member of the legislation drafting committee for the Anglican Diocese of Perth.
  • Reverend Robert Forsyth is a Senior Fellow with the Centre for Independent Studies and was the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney.  His 2001 Acton Lecture  was Dangerous Protections: How some ways of protecting the freedom of religion may actually diminish religious freedom.  He has been extensively involved in the areas of religious freedom and public policy.

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